Mission 4×4 Dual Cab Ute Draw Systems.

Made in Western Australia to suit any dual cabs with wellbuddy with fitted canopies.

The system is made from 3mm aluminum construction, laser cut and folded locally with state-of-the-art machines, powder-coated texture in black, and can be ordered in the colour of your choice for extra cost.

The systems divides into two sections, the fridge slide, and the kitchen slide, and can be orientated to suit your setup.

The fridge section has a integrated 1000mm x 500mm x 10mm high storage draws for all your camping or cooking gear.

The fridge sits on heavy duty lockable sliders, rated to 230kg, to give you the strength for carrying any loaded fridge.

Under the fridge, there is a sliding natural wood table.

The fridge section is 1050mm long x 500mm wide x 780mm high.

The cooker section has three long drawers with medium duty sliders, and locks in place using lockable compression latches.

Under the three drawers, there is an integrated storage compartment for all your kitchen utensils and an integrated dometic gas cooker, as shown in photos.

*The draw system can be ordered for any dual cabs with fitted canopies.

*For extra cost, the system can be integrated with a 110L stainless steel water tank, which sits at the front of the tub, for better weight distribution. See image 18.

*To utilise the dead space above the water tank, we have created a special storage box solution, which sits above the water tank. See image 19.

*Email details for pricing and lead time*